Notice to Purchaser of Real Estate

The real property that you are about to purchase is located in the Conroe Municipal Management District No. 1 and may be subject to district taxes.  The district may, subject to voter approval, impose taxes and issue bonds.  The district may impose an unlimited rate of tax in payment of such bonds.  The current rate of the district property tax is $0.88 on each $100 of assessed valuation.  The total amounts of bonds payable wholly or partly from property taxes, excluding refunding bonds that are separately approved by the voters and excluding any bonds or any portions of bonds issued that are payable solely from revenues received or expected to be received under a contract with a governmental entity, approved by the voters are $47,865,000 for water, sewer, and drainage facilities; $46,315,000 for road facilities; and $0 for parks and recreational facilities.

The district is located wholly within the corporate boundaries of the City of Conroe.  The municipality and the district overlap, but may not provide duplicate services or improvements.  Property located in the municipality and the district is subject to taxation by the municipality and the district.

The purpose of the district is to provide water, sewer, drainage, road, and parks and recreational facilities and services.  The cost of district facilities is not included in the purchase price of your property.

Notice to Purchaser of Real Estate (PDF)